Websites that I have made:


Virtually all of my PHP and Flash powered sites load their content from external sources in an effort to reduce the time needed for updates and changes to either their content or their actual layout.

Some of my personal websites:

Link: Description Last updated:
Unused template PHP, includes experimental image editor 11.2005
The file based predecessor of this website PHP, includes email and ftp capabilities (password protected) 09.2005
My first personal PHP website PHP 05.2005
Flash Powered Family Tree (no longer updated) Flash, included working guest-book and emailer 02.2005
Fromerly University hosted website newest layout Flash 01.2005
Formerly University hosted website older layout Flash, includes mp3 player (mp3 links are dead) 08.2004
Former University hosted website Flash 06.2004
Old Flash site Flash, experimental 10.2003

Other websites made by me:

Link: Description: PHP, dynamically creates download lists HTML, uses frames PHP, uses mod_rewrite to appear to be html
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